Review & Cocktail: Porter (D-Dynasty Book 1) by David Michael

About Porter…

Porter Hale is a sex god—The Prince of Porn with dreams of grandeur.

When he meets Holly Nash, the biggest casting director in Hollywood, the doors to his future are thrown open.

Just one problem: She loathes porn.

Porter is walking into Holly’s world and the price of admission is higher than either of them could have guessed.

As sparks fly and passions blaze into something wild, they are forced to accept that someone will have to sacrifice their dreams or risk their lover’s heart.

When dreams collide, the aftermath can be messy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 8.40.43 AM

Genre: Romance, Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance

Author: David Michael

Get it now: for $2.99 @Amazon

When I was sent David Michael’s Porter, from my friend Lauren, to read and review, I originally thought…Hmmmm. Dick Dynasty huh? And I sat on it for a minute. I read the title again, giggled and said out loud—no shit— “Sounds like the mommy porn version of Duck Dynasty?” *honest thought, and fucking brilliant I must say. If there isn’t  already a b-flick porn titled that there needs to be one. With bandannas and beards….hahahahahahah. Uh. On second thought, NO. Not sexy at all. Ugh, I digress… And because I’m in the south, that was hilarious to me. Confession time: I didn’t have high hopes for this book. But lemme tell you…David Michael blew me….away. This book was…
How was this book fire? I’m thrilled you asked, because I was gonna tell you anywayz.


First, we’re introduced to Porter Hale. Porter’s special. Porter’s royalty. As the eldest son of a passed away porn legend, Papa Hale, he’s king of the industry. And it just so happens that he and his two younger brothers, Preston and  Parker, all have the goods…
…to stronghold the biz as well. Ergo, how the Hale brothers became The Dick Dynasty.


Instead of sticking around to do the college thing….I set off in Dad’s footsteps. I wanted the fame and the glory…not to mention the pussy. So I ditched college…hopped on the old man’s coattails and started going by the name of Ryder. Ryder Ruff. My brothers followed suite. Turns out, I filled my father’s shoes and then some. Industry headlines have dubbed us “The Princes of Porn.” We call ourselves the Dick Dynasty.


Porter’s a f*ck-hot sexy guy who’s got the equipment needed to make a name for himself.
PorterBut guess what? he wants more. He wants to act 4-real.


*Info Interjection: Actually, Porter is a really great actor. That’s why he’s made such a name for himself in the porn industry. And he could, if only he could find the right person in LA willing to give him and his giant…persona a chance. Que the hot female casting director, Ms. Holly Nash. (They meet at a movie—porn—release party being thrown by Porter’s younger brother Preston.)
Now, make no mistake, Holly’s way more than just a purty face. She is smart, genius at what she does, and a worthy opponent to Porter. In other words, she’s a woman worth trying for. A woman who’s not easy to snag. And the chemistry between these two….it’s so hot.




After things heat up between Holly and Porter, a unexpected event takes this little romance on a sudden turn you won’t see coming. In fact, you’re given a dose of drama that even Hollywood would be excited about.




All-in-all, David Michael’s Porter was super hot and a really fun read. I enjoyed all the banter and the romance was sexplosive. I’m totally stoked about reading Parker (Dick Dynasty Trilogy #2) next.

So what drink did I mix worthy of accompanying The Dick Dynasty?

Smutaholics, I present to you my take on the Pornstar Cocktail


 My take on the pornstar Cocktail: The Rough Ryder Drop Shot


1 oz. Blue Curacao liqueur, What purpose in this world does Blue Curcockō Curacao serve? This shit is weird to say the least. But in this cocktail it’s really good.

1 oz. Sourpuss raspberry liqueur, I picked some of this stuff up when I was in Ole’ Canada visiting my uncle. (Not sure if Sourpuss’ available here in the US, so you can totes use Dekyuper’s Razzmatazz instead.)  It’s sweet and sour and really fun to put in your puss every now and again. *Of course I mean the old-timey term for mouth. Geeze. Wink.

1/4 cup of  lime or lemon-lime soda, I like to mix mine with Jarrito’s lime soda. It just so lemon-limey. And it’s nice to have a little bit of effervescence in your drink. Right?

1/4 a cup of cran-rasberry juice. This makes the Rough Ryder very delicious in deed.


first in a frosted mug—I like using my yellow “hose me down” beer mug— pour the juice and soda. In a shot glass measure out equal parts Curacao and Sourpuss add a couple of pieces of ice to a shaker and make dat liquor cold. Next, pour that shiz back into the shot glass you already used. Drinking Tip: You’re gonna drop the shot into the mug, car bomb style, so make sure your ready to pound that shit as soon as it drops!


I suggest you find a cool spot to sit before you drop the shot, in yo mug, and slam the Rough Ryder like you should. This drink is cold, delicious, slightly fizzy and perfectly suited drinking whilst reading David Michael’s Porter. Of course, this drink isn’t as delicious as the reading material but that kinda magic is hard to duplicate. Cheers.

What do I think about David Michael’s Porter (Dick Dynasty Trilogy #1)?


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