Review &Cocktail: Strumming Me by Diemme Black

About Strumming Me…

Sarah has finally escaped the man who almost had her forever but never had her heart, but she’s still left hurt and confused. Now she’s even more cautious than she was before when it comes to life, and especially men.

Matt Lewis is the guitarist in the band Blacking Out, and while he has women flinging themselves at him every night, the second he sees Sarah he knows his playboy days are over. When he rescues Sarah from her past, he’s determined to become her future and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his. While Sarah wants to commit to more than just a fling, she’s not sure she can ever move past what she’s been through.

Matt knows how to play Sarah’s body, but can he find the right chord to strike her heart?

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance

Author: Diemme Black

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Strumming Me softly with her words…strumming my softly…with her words…running my whole life…with this book…strumming me so-awww-ftly. With her words….


Diemme! Strumming Me is a hit and is totally going to be in my top 40 for the year. For sure. I mean, to say that this book eclipsed everything else in my life that needed done whilst reading it is an understatement.


In fact, I may have fed the fam mac n’ cheese for two nights in a row and the laundry may have been piled extra high…but I didn’t give a shit—because I was OBSESSED. And just with every other hot little number I read, this book  inspired a drink worthy of its #sexyness.

 So, without further ado, I present to you…

Cocktail: The Eclipse Screwdriver


6 oz. of Blavod black vodka (totally badass like the members of Blacking Out. Yes, this ebony colored deliciousness may have been leftover from Halloween…but you can buy this biz all year round baby. WARNING: Once you drink your screwdrivers black…ya neva go back!)

6 oz. of orange juice (I like Tropicana, but you can use what ever tickles your fancy. *wagging eyebrows*



This is the cool part. First, pour the orange (make sure it’s cold cause ice ruins the effect) juice into a tall high ball glass. Then tip the glass and slowly pour ice-cold Blavod slowly down the side. If you are careful, the two liquids will remain separate and you will achieve a layered look. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT, CAUSE IT LOOKS FREAKING COOL. This screwdriver is so easy to mix and so yummy that you may be Blacking Out and in need of a little Rehab @The Hard Rock in Vegas after the show.



Get a straw, and stir it up—after the presentation of course. Once mixed, It will look a little green o_0  but never you fear. The Eclipse Screwdriver  is still deliciously strong, like Matt, and sweet and satisfying like Strumming Me.

Insider Tip: get this book—make and drink this drink. You’ll be happy that you did.

What do I think of Diemme Black’s Strumming Me?


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